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About Clip In Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are in reality the finest quality amongst all human hair available in the market today. By preserving the hair cuticles and then aligning them in the natural growing fashion, Remy hair extensions will not tangle and will look 100% natural. The process of crafting remy hair extensions ensures that the hair remains luxuriously soft, tangle free and silky throughout. Fabulous and low maintenance.

With proper care, hair extensions should last for 4 to 6 months. Brush it from time to time. Use a looper brush for the best results though any other brush would do just as well. Wash the hair extensions from time to time. Detangle before shampooing them gently. Use a conditioner - a leave on spray conditioner works best. However, be careful that you do not over condition as that would make the hair extensions look rather limp and unattractive.

Double drawn hair is special because all shorter length hair is removed by hand. This means the hair extensions are comprised of only hair that is of the exact same length. A rather detailed process which requires more than 10 pounds of hair to create a single pound, It takes time but it will make sure that the hair extension is of uniform thickness from top to bottom. Hair extensions that are not double drawn will be thick at the top and scraggy at the bottom giving it a clumsy, flimsy look.

Our hair extensions are chemically treated to be able to accept a color change. This means you can color hair extensions any time that you want. However, we suggest you get a professional to do it. Test with one clip weft first so that you are satisfied with the shade. A semi-permanent color would be more gentle and it wont compromise the quality of your hair extensions. Avoid getting a lighter shade done as that process involves bleaching and would harm the quality of the hair extensions.

For it to look natural and have a secure clip in, you must have at least 6 inches of hair. This makes the hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your own hair and you are sure to be able to carry off your look in a manner that is both elegant and gorgeous.

The technique of clipping in and removing hair extensions is actually simple. With practice, you could do it in actually clip it in, in less than 5 minutes. To remove would take even less than that time.

No, the method of clipping the hair extensions actually makes sure that the clips do not show. Once again, with practice, you could master the method in no time at all!

Buying Clip in Hair Extensions

The 120 gram set is best for finer hair. It also works well if you are looking for adding a little bit of length and some volume. The 190g is suitable for medium to thicker hair types. In case you want a dramatic shift in your hair volume, you could wear it with finer hair as well.

Synthetic hair extensions do not look natural at all. This gives you a plastic look much like a mannequin at a cheap store, thus defeating the entire purpose of having you look your best! Moreover, cheaper hair extensions often also contain an animal hair blend. Not only this a hygiene issues but synthetic hair would never blend into your natural head of hair. So, buying cheap or too expensive hair extensions is a bad idea.

When we decided to extend this service of providing hair extension clips, we decided to meet all buyer requirements of superior quality, great prices and gorgeous hair extensions. What we also realized is that often sellers trick customers into buying hair extensions that include the weight of the clips. Now that is just not fair. Not only does it give you lesser hair, it actually ends up making you spend more. Thus we mention pure hair weight, making it easy for you to make a choice on the kind of hair extension you purchase.

Ordering & Paying For Hair Extension

The 120 gram set is best for finer hair. It also works well if you are looking for adding a little bit of length and some volume. The 190g is suitable for medium to thicker hair types. In case you want a dramatic shift in your hair volume, you could wear it with finer hair as well.

Pay Later is what was Bill Me Later; which is now PayPal Credit. It has additional benefits such as sending money and gives you the ability to schedule payments for the future. A credit line without plastic, it gives ton loads of great financing offers.

We value your privacy and totally commit to protecting it. Therefore, we have a completely secured payment gateway system which does not store your credit card details on our server. However, for your to enjoy easy shopping, we give you the option of saving your credit card details for future payments. In case that is your choice, your credit card information gets processed and stored on our Fully Secured, PCI compliant stripe server.

In case of any issue at any point with placing an order, simply drop us an email at or text or call us at (407)508-6542. We will revert promptly with a solution.

Return Refund & Exchange

In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase and the item(s) fit the bill for the return requirements, we would accept a return. However, it should be unopened, in its original packaging and returned within 3 days of carrier confirmed delivery. We believe in making this a stress free experience for you you and offer the return for exchange or for store credit.

We would give refund if it is returned unused , in its original packaging and unopened. The hair extensions must be unused. The refund would be given in 15 days.

All return shipping costs are to be borne by you. To make it easy for you, we recommend that you send the return with a tracking option. Since we deliver all over the world, we understand that there is a chance of lost packages when you return by carriers which you choose. Make sure that you indicate "RETURN, NO DUTIES" on the package. Because otherwise the package may be returned to you.

To initiate this process, please email us with the relevant details at XXX or text or call us at XXXX. We will then work towards helping you resolve the issue.

Because human hair extensions are a hygienic product, opened items cannot be returned. This is for the safety of all our clients. And it is a norm followed by all suppliers of hair extensions.

We will provide a full refund to the original method of payment. This will happen after we have gone through a process of receiving, inspecting and confirming that the hair extensions weren’t opened. You must most definitely contact us after you send the package back and provide us with the tracking information so that we may process the refund. Depending on the bank and financial institution, a few business days is required to process the refund and as mentioned before the process may take up to 15 days to reflect the refund on your statement.