Hair Extensions- A Quick Buying Guide

Getting down to purchasing the right hair extensions can be a confusing exercise. So, to make this experience a luxurious, joyful and refreshing one as it is supposed to be, we have put together a buying guide for hair extensions. Here is a quick to read guide giving you the perfect tips on what you need to look out for when purchasing hair extensions.

Buying online or local

It is very important to decide whether you want to buy hair extensions from a local beauty or an online store. There will be different varieties available at various price rates. While buying online is certainly convenient, but if you are able to find a company that offers the highest quality hair extension online, it will be a good deal. Since the prices are very competitive online and you can also compare deals easily and choose what suits you the best, buying online seems to be a convenient option.

However, buying online is no doubt tricky, since you are not able to touch, feel the product or see it live. All you have is a product image and based on the descriptions given, you make a decision. Color also might look a bit different than the actual color as the monitor / phone screen may not represent the exact color or shade. Moreover, there is always a situation where you might buy a synthetic product, when you really wanted to buy hair extensions made of real hair. Real human hair has a distinct smell unlike synthetic products. Hence, this is one aspect that misses out while buying online.

 This doesn’t mean that the online retail sites don’t offer a genuine product. It absolutely does and it is your job to get hold of a site that deals with only authentic hair extensions of top notch quality. Make sure you choose a company that is ready to refund your money in case you don’t find the product to be genuine.

Synthetic vs Human Hair Extensions

Choosing right type of hair

Always choose 100% human hair extensions. When you are investing in hair extensions, it is important to draw the distinction between the synthetic or animal hair and 100% human hair.

Difference the real human hair and the synthetic hair

Synthetic Hair100% Human Hair
Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper Human hair extensions cost more than the synthetic 
Not as durable and wears out in 1-2 months Lasts more than synthetic or mixed hair extensions
Appears shinier than your natural hair. Thus, it may not seam well with your own hair The texture and the shine similar to your natural hair
You cannot make any modifications in terms of coloring and styling You can use curlers and flat irons to restyle the extensions

Investing in Remy hair

If you are wondering whether it is really a good reason to invest in the high priced Remy hair, when cheaper options are available, there are reasons why Remy hair extensions are still preferred. Remy hair extensions are extremely popular, especially among those who won’t compromise with the quality.

 The best part about Remy hair extensions is that they look natural and don’t get tangled easily, unlike the non-Remy hair extensions. Moreover, Remy hair is very soft and silky to touch, which the majority of the women desires and it provides a natural and a seamless appearance. Since the cuticles are intact, the hair doesn’t get as brittle as the non-Remy hair. In terms of maintenance and care, the Remy hair is way easier and simpler when compared with the non-Remy product.

 It is therefore easily understandable why people prefer buying Remy hair even when they are expensive. The market is flooded with a vast number of such products claiming to be real and genuine. Make sure that you are making wise decisions and choosing the appropriate hair extensions crafted with Remy hair.

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn are even better

It is definitely an overwhelming process when you have to decide on a particular type of hair extension out of so many that are accessible in the market. The majority of hair extensions are sold as single drawn, mainly because of making the cost of production economical and easily affordable by the people when they are out in the market.

There is one issue with the single drawn extensions. You will not find the hair strands of similar lengths. This is because the shorter hairs are not removed and left on the weft. It creates thinner ends as you move down to the hair extensions. This is acceptable as a few inches cut from the bottom can provide you with an even look that you want.

In fact, if the extensions are installed properly with your natural hair and regular maintenance and care is offered, it won’t be of much an issue. Also, as double drawn in thick from top to bottom that gives you more styling options. You can shape hair ends, however you want. You have to make sure that you are styling it in the right manner and also giving it a cut in a few months gap. Since the single drawn hair extensions appear thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom, it can provide with a straggling and thinning appearance.

During manufacturing, the double drawn hair undergoes a different process. The shorter hair are removed by hand, providing a fuller and a voluminous appearance from top to the bottom of the hair. They are costlier no doubt, but are often more preferred by women longing for a bouncer and fuller hair appearance.

Hair Extensions Colors

Choosing the right color

If you want to achieve a natural looking hair extension appearance, it is essential to choose the right color. You will come across a number of hair extension color variations in the market. Pay attention to the color of your natural hair and try to invest in the extension that is similar or has a close resemblance to your hair. In case you are not sure, always go for the lighter shade as it can be made darker.

Hair Extensions Length

Don’t ignore the apt length

In case you are new to the world of hair extensions, choosing the apt hair extension length can be a really tricky situation. You will definitely find a wide number of lengths available. But, it is recommended that you will require at least 6 inches of hair attached to your own natural hair. 20 inches extension is considered to be the standard one and also quite popular among the ladies. It reaches till your waist and is also easily manageable.

Pick the correct application method

Depending on the type of extension you choose, there are varying application methods to consider. Some of the popular ones include:

Hair Extensions Application Method

Permanent or Semi Permanent Method

Tape-in, bonding, micro-links, glue-in and weave applications are some of the more permanent application methods and do demand execution only by a professional. In fact, the use of adhesives and solvents must be handled correctly along with frequent visits to the salon for fixing monthly or as needed.

Temporary Method

If you are new to the world of hair extensions and want to get fuller longer hair or just add a little variation to your hairstyle, clip-on extensions are the best option.Clip-in hair extensions can be installed and removed without any professional help.  

Permanent Hair ExtensionsTemporary Hair Extensions
Long term commitment Temporary that can be opened at the end of the day
You need the help from a stylist to install and take it out You can install and take them out by yourself
More expensive because of the salon visits Budget friendly since you don’t have to visit the salon
Might damage your natural hair with prolonged usage Minimal or no damage at all
Ideal for 4"-5" lengths of hair You need atleast 6"-7" of your own hair lenght to install them

Clip Ins Are Popular

Clip in hair extensions are the easiest and the most convenient means to offer you thick and long hair instantly. You don’t need to have salon appointments, Clip-in hair extensions are meant for special occasions, events or regular use. They are an excellent option for attending any parties, wedding ceremonies or any event where you want to feel extra special and radiate with confidence. These are the best choices for adding to the length, volume and color undertone to your hair within a matter of minutes. The clip-in hair extensions can turn around your appearance without much effort. Since these use pressure sensitive clips, they don’t cause damage to your own hair at all.

It is even more pocket friendly as they lasting longer! Simply wear them like you’d any other hair accessory. Less maintenance makes it completely worthwhile as well as the fact that it saves you multiple trips to the stylist. And of course, the fact that you can take them out or swap them with other clip in hair extensions to change your style makes it a very attractive option.

Clip In Hair Extensions

More wefts does not mean more hair

A common mistake that many people make is by believing that more wefts mean more hair. Go for the total gram in weight when buying extensions. For instance, our 120g / 7 wefts set has more hair than an 8 or 9 wefts set, which includes clips weight . Apart from that , a 7 piece weft set looks natural and easy to manage.

Hair Extensions Clips

Buy Hair Not Clips

Regular usage does not impart negative side effects. When you wear clip in hair extensions on a daily basis, you feel and look fabulous. Clip-in hair extensions do not cause damage to your own hair, are great for adding length, volume or color when wanting different styling options.

With lighter, small clips in extensions installed on your hair, you don’t have to bother about damages like bald spots and hair breakage any more. In fact, you will also not suffer from headaches that many women suffer wearing heavier clip in extensions. Moreover, many companies do play with the clip's weight. They intentionally use heavy clips to compensate of hair weight. As a result, you get less hair,for example 120 gram set may have 20/30 gram of clip weight while the lighter clip may add only 10/15 grams to set weight so you get more hair when you buy clip in hair extensions with lighter clips.

Hair Extensions Care

Maintenance and care must be followed

Hair extensions are an excellent invention that offers an altogether different dimension to you lifeless and dull hair. But, it is essential to properly maintain them with regular care regime if you want them to last longer and retain their natural look. Some of the maintenance tips include:

· It is always recommended to brush the extension properly, eliminating the tangles before you wash it. Make sure that you don’t brush them while the hair is wet. It can damage the extension. Brush the hair gently at least 2 to 3 times every day. · Only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners so that the natural shine and texture of hair is retained. Clip-in hair extensions only need washing maybe every 4 to 6 weeks if you are wearing them daily. · When you wash the hair after applying a small amount of shampoo, it is suggested that you must wash it in the downward direction. This prevents the hair from drying out and also don’t form tangles. · Avoid using blow dryers and heating curlers too much. It damages the hair extensions and also reduces the lifespan. · Moisturizing is vital as well. Hence, use conditioners, but not in excessive amounts because it can leave your hair greasy and oily. · If you are swimming with the extension, choose to wear a cap to avoid hair tangling due to the chlorinated water.

Free Shipping , Easy Return & Exchange

Read the return & refund policies Carefully

When you hunt for hair extensions, you will come across a variety of them in a number of retail stores, both local and online stores. Since you have opted to purchase the hair extension from an online retail store, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you have chosen the right company. There is a wide range of online stores that claim to offer the best deals on high quality hair extensions.

The questions is how many are worthy of investment? You have to research well before deciding upon any one particular source and investing your money. It is advised to look for an online shop that offers 100% refund policy in case you’re unhappy with a product and you want to return it . Thus, it becomes important to read the terms and conditions of the website/store properly before buying any item.

Hair Extensions Box

Proper Storage is Required

For hair extensions, it's essential that you take proper care and store them in a way that prevents any sort of damage or breakage for the longest time possible. Thus we provide a magnetic storage box completely free just to make your investment safe & secure.

The above mentioned are some of the hair extension buying tips that can make the entire elaborate process easier and simpler. Get your clip in hair extensions today!