Every woman loves having a long, shining and beautiful straight hair. Unfortunately, there are a very of them possessing the straight shinning hair. Others try out different hair treatment methods and treatment to maintain it. The permanent hair straightening is one such popular and well recognized process that is adopted by the majority of the world around the globe.

What is a permanent hair straightening all about?

The process involves the use of chemical treatments, to eliminate the curls and waves in your hair. There are several ways to execute it, but there are two primary methods involved:

  1. The keratin structure in your hair is broken using sodium based products so that the hair can be handled easily.
  2. An oxidant is required so that the keratin effects are nullified and set the hair fibers in the desirable shape.

Techniques used in the permanent hair straightening

Some of the popular techniques include:

  • Keratin treatment
  • Hair Rebonding
  • Thermal Reconditioning
  • Chemically straightened hair

Out of the above mentioned methods, the keratin treatment or the Brazilian hair straightening method seems to be the most popular and widely appreciated one at the present time.

What makes the Keratin treatment so popular?

  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • The technique is a lot safer because of the low use of chemicals when compared with the other permanent hair straightening methods.
  • You can enjoy silky and soft hair for a period of 6 months or even more if properly maintained with spas.
  • It is claimed that the method doesn’t incur any harmful side effects.
  • The treatment has the potential to heal the damaged hair cuticles.

Are there any cons of the keratin hair treatment?

  • It is a costly process.
  • Pregnant women must avoid it because of the presence of formaldehyde.
  • You will also require sodium free shampoos and conditioners for the maintenance after the hair treatment
  • It is not a single time treatment as the effect lasts for 6 months or more and you will need to repeat the process to retain the same shine and smooth appearance and feel of the hair.

Is keratin treatment the thing it is claimed to be?

Even though it is claimed that the keratin treatment will not incur any side effects and make use of less chemicals, it seems quite hard to believe. There are instances of allergy reactions found and because of the presence of harmful elements like formaldehyde, pregnant women are asked to prevent the treatment. The hair care companies and hair stylists will not claim to the presence, but it is not the truth.

You must remember that the salons don’t require the approval of FDA to execute the hair treatment methods. There are several alternatives available these days. Research them well and find out. Moreover, you must make sure that you don’t go for the keratin treatment more than three times a year, after all there are chemicals and in a way you are harming your natural hair.