It has become almost a rule that women with straight hair wish they had it curly and vice-versa. I am here to help you love curls and take care of them in a proper way. Long, curly hair will never go out of fashion, so if you have been gifted with a straight hair, the keyword to your happiness is this: hair hot rollers.

Picture a Victoria’s Secret model and her full, curly hair which looks like she was born with perfect tresses. Well, she was not! Her hair was helped by a pack of hair hot rollers to look like a million dollars. Therefore, all you need to do is go and purchase a set. However, always take into consideration the following details before paying for those rollers: how many of them and what size you need, if they have velvet or plastic coverings, the heat-up time, the type of heat (dry or steam) and the rollers’ characteristics (nano, ionic or ceramic).

After you’ve purchased them, only a few tips stay between you and a perfect hair. If you want to obtain long lush and bouncy curls, make sure you begin by washing your hair and blow drying it for extra volume. The secret lies in pulling your hair back into a ponytail which will prevent you from looking like a poodle after you’ve finished curling your hair. Take one inch strands of hair and wrap around a hair hot roller with the size of your choice (mid-sized or large).

Tip: Use two sizes of hair hot rollers to create an interesting, natural effect!

After you’ve finished with all the strands of hair in the ponytail and you went through all the stages of (wrapping, securing etc.), all you need to do is take the elastic off and spray your bouncy curls with a finishing spray. The runway awaits you!