The market is filled with a wide array of hair extensions

If you look at the market, you will be overwhelmed to find so many different types of hair extensions available. It is indeed very confusing to choose any one brand. Each one of the product claim to be of the superior most quality. The question is how many are actually worth the investment. Moreover, you get hold of both the expensive and lower priced products. Which one should you invest in?

Is it worth buying too expensive hair extensions?

100% Remy (not just Remy) human hair will cost you more than the Remy or synthetic or semi synthetic hair extensions. It goes without saying that the human hair extension is a way better choice because of the following reasons.

There is no doubt to the fact that there are advantages of using 100% Remy hair, which is costlier than the Remy and non Remy products. But is it worth the investment?

The main reason being the high expense of the 100% Remy hair is because it is made from the single sourced hair unlike the non Remy hair. A pure and genuine 100% Remy hair can cost you around 1000 dollars. It goes without saying that the average durability is almost double unlike the non Remy extension, but the cost is 10 times more. Finally, the 100% Remy hair extensions will also lose its shine and texture after a few months of usage similar to other material hair extensions.

  • It is not artificial in appearance and can blend seamlessly with your own natural hair.
  • You get the option of coloring it and even styling it in different ways.
  • Heat curlers and other hair equipments can be easily, but make sure that you maintain caution.
  • Its durability is more than the synthetic products.
  • You can wash the hair extensions using shampoo and conditioners just like your own hair.


Why buying too cheap hair extension is also not feasible?

Buying too cheap priced hair extensions are a big no, because of the following reasons.

  • You cannot expect to get a superior quality material. This is because of the fact, synthetic or animal product is used instead of the human hair.
  • Since real human hair is not used in the manufacturing, it doesn’t appear to be natural like your own hair. It appears to be  too shiny and thereby doesn’t blend properly with your natural hair.
  • Double drawn hair extensions are usually expensive and thus the cheap extensions make use of only the single drawn. You will find short hairs visible and the bottom is not that thick like the upper portion of the hair extension. This makes the appearance of the hair too thin. In fact, you have to maintain an appointment with the salon expert for getting a trim frequently.
  • The durability of the cheap products doesn’t last long.
  • The artificial and the unnatural appearance of the hair extension will make you look weird and very strange.

From the above analysis, it becomes clear that buying too cheap or highly expensive hair extension will be a sheer waste of money. What should you buy?

What should be your focus while buying hair extension?

Buying Remy hair can get you the best of both worlds. It is the perfect balance of price and quality. Not only it looks as beautiful as 100% Remy, but cost you 1/10 of 100% Remy.

Here is the comparison chart that can explain it well.


100% Remy


Non Remy Or Synthetic



Rare that is why expensive


Fom multiple heads


mixed or artificially created

Look & Feel




Life span








Hot Styling




Double drawn




Human Hair 





$8- $10 PER GRAM

$1 to $2 PER GRAM

0.3-0.8 PER GRAM

Big brands doesnt necessarily mean better products

Buying big brand products doesn’t always mean that you are getting hold of a superior quality hair extension. It is highly expensive because the cost of production is high along with their marketing costs.

Market research is required to get hold of apt hair extensions

Investing in double drawn hair extensions is also preferred. It doesn’t have to be costly. All you need to do is a little research and you can definitely bag a product that is superior in quality, but affordable in price rate.

Have you tried buying hair extensions online?

If you still haven’t utilized the benefits of online shopping, you must give an attempt while purchasing hair extension. The best thing about the online retail stores is that you can buy the hair extensions at almost half the price. Because of the best deals you can get hold of cheap extensions, but without compromising the quality that is desired.

Return policy must be checked for online purchasing

Since you are not able to touch or smell the hair extensions while shopping online, you must be vigilant of the fact that the retail site offers return and refund policies. There is every chance that the product might appear little different in reality.

Keep the above factors in mind and shop your hair extensions.