Hair extensions have emerged as one of the most famous hairstyle trends of today and an economical alternative when it comes to flaunting bouncy and lustrous hair. After all, it isn’t easy to add volume and shine to your hair in a jiffy! The quality of hair used has also improved – the feel of those extensions is no longer artificial or synthetic – they match perfectly with your existing hair.

Clip-in hair extensions are the ideal way to impart length, bounce, and silkiness to one’s own hair! They can transform your look by giving you a new hairstyle in a matter of minutes. However, it is necessary to select the proper variation of the hair extension or the effects could backfire. Finer hair needs a particular type, while thicker tresses require different clip-ins. It takes little time to attach them and your hair looks very attractive without much effort or paying a hefty sum at a salon.


Clip-ins are equipped with pressure sensitive clips that are snapped into place firmly, but don’t damage the original hair. The follicles divided into sections and the extensions are carefully snapped under the natural hair in each of these sections. Permanent hair extensions are done using glue that leads to hair loss and breakage.

Ease of operation

Anyone can apply hair extensions and that within minutes – it isn’t rocket science! You must have heard of methods that take hours as the hair extension is done strand by strand. These extensions don’t need special bonding or weaving and girls with little to no experience in this field can continue to apply them naturally without having to study hairdressing. This is not the type of variation that takes so long to fit in your hair; rather it is very simple and can be accomplished from the privacy of your home.

Get volume instantly

Frequent hair falls have become quite common due to pollution, dirt, and dust, which gradually lead to thinning of tresses. Voluminous hair slowly becomes a thing of the past and is difficult to grow back. The clip-ins are in great demand due to this reason – using this technique can help you add volume to your hair at once.

Low maintenance

Permanent hair extensions require a lot of maintenance – special attention needs to be paid to them or they could cause extensive damage as they are weaved into your locks. But, if you have implanted the clip-in versions you don’t have to worry about maintenance. They are apt for those with a hectic schedule and little time to take care of their hair.

Natural look

The natural look never goes out of style – no one wants to make it apparent that they have used artificial means to achieve that particular look. Since the hair extensions can be successfully merged with your existing hair, no one can tell the difference.  Real human hair is used to create these extensions, which is why they look as real. If you buy from a reputed dealer, they will always provide products sans any synthetic components.

Change of hairstyle

Clip-in hair extensions are amazing for a fast change of hairstyle by adding smoothness, softness, and bounce without changing the original hair style or having a haircut. Extensions allow you to experiment with several hairdos till the desired look is achieved. They can be curled, straightened, and styled till you hit upon the right look. They easily blend with the natural hair as the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. These extensions are available in different colors, shapes, length and textures and can suit several hair styles. You could change your hairstyle whenever here is a special occasion! That sounds great, right?


People willing to have styling have to factor in costs that could go over someone’s budget, especially if someone likes to try out new hairstyles or wishes to get a makeover. As mentioned, you don’t require help from professionals during installation, so you can eliminate their charges from the overall expenses. If buy clip-ons, you can get them in a very reasonable rate without spending a fortune, unlike permanent, pricey and time-consuming methods.

This aspect depends on where you are buying from.  When you are selecting hair extension variations, it is necessary to ensure there is no question of inferior quality or else it could cause irreparable harm to your hair.  Doesn’t it make them worth a try?