About Us

Our Philosophy

Once you discover the world of hair extensions, it is very difficult to walk away. A quick, easy and glamorous path to looking your best everyday of your life, and a style statement that is definitely going to have you rule the room you walk into. But, are you paying for marketing or hair?

Most of the companies in this domain of fashion pass on their humungous marketing and advertising expense to their customers! So you end up paying inflated prices for inferior quality hair.

We have decided to not be part of this situation. Our philosophy is simple, real and humble. We sell hair, not a brand. We strongly believe that a great product can market itself. By offering you, what you want in terms of quality double drawn Remy clip-in Hair Extensions at the best price, backed by free shipping and 100% money back guarantee, we are sure we will make you much happier than we could by spending ton loads on branding and making you pay for it.

Less About Marketing, More About Hair

Our pricing is pitch perfect and solely on the expense of the hair. No extra costs have been slipped in behind your back. And what is more, once you buy hair from us, you become our brand ambassador.

By focusing on product and not marketing, we have made sure that we bring to you affordable hair extensions. And all of this, without compromising on quality, even for once. Value for money is our code word and this also translates intothe exceptional after sale services that we provide.

About The Name

When we began Sify, we had a dream. Inspired by an astonishingly beautiful and exemplary mythological character, Sif, the goddess with long hair. We knew we could bring beauty, luxury and gorgeousness to the doorstep of anybody who wanted it. And today, we have been able to do it by working hard on the product. Sif has been the focus of many mythological tales but innumerable art work and fantasies. Indeed, she is mesmerizing.